This is why a portless iPhone 13 is a terrible idea

In the future, we’ll likely get an iPhone without any ports. It’s an idea riddled with complications

Apple is supposedly mulling its biggest feature-ditching move yet – the removal of the Lightning port. More accurately, rumours are rife from sources with strong track records, such as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, that Apple is considering producing a truly wireless smartphone. But, we’ve been here before.

Everyone remembers the saga of the headphone jack. As rumours began to ramp up about Apple ditching the audio port, there was a raft of think pieces dissecting the decision. The iPhone 7 launched – and the port was absent.


What followed was almost all of the phone industry following suit, many after mocking Apple’s decision initially – such as Samsung. We then got a sense of déjà vu last year when Apple decided to ditch the charger from the iPhone 12 box. Manufacturers, like Xiaomi, once again mocked then followed suit.

So, why are we here once again? A portless iPhone 13 (or later) would combine the teething issues of both the removal of the headphones jack and charging brick with an additional irritant sprinkled on top for good measure.

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