What is Warhammer?

Warhammer is both a miniature wargame and also computer games. Warhammer is set in the far-future, wherein a stalled human civilization is at war with aliens and supernatural creatures.


A miniature wargame is a game played with military units on a model battlefield, unlike other wargames, Warhammer represents its units in the form of highly-detailed figurines (see the example on the right) instead of ornate pieces.


Looking For Where to Start?

Starting out in Warhammer can look daunting, with the paints, figures and playfield to take care of. Fortunately, starter kits provide you with enough content to play, or add to another starter set.

For example, the kit pictured on the left will provide you with: A 64-page recruit manual, an archeovault terrain piece, two reference sheets, a play mat, 2 range rulers and 18 other miniatures.

Already Experienced?

We also sell more technical kits from 40k, Age of Sigmar and Underworlds. We are guaging interest in all the sets. If you would like us to stock different sets, all you need do is enquire and we will consider it.

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