Gadget and Phone repairs

Struggling With a cracked screen or back glass?

We have you covered! We can offer screen repair at a competative price, no matter what the device is.


We have iPhone screens in stock constantly, but other phone screens will need to be ordered. However, this is usually a fast proccess.


If we cannot find a first party screen, we will strive to find a third party screen that matches or exceeds the performance of the first party screens.

finicky phone charging?

We have all experienced that charging port that just refuses to charge consistantly. Why put up with it?

We offer great prices for replacing phone charging ports such that you’ll feel like the expense is worth getting rid of the frustration asscoicated with waking up in the morning only to find that your phone is on 10%.

Battery Struggling To Keep Up?

Everyone knows that batteries slowly degrade over time, this can mean decreased performance and battery life.

did your phone used to last the whole day, and now only half of that? Well, that means that your battery needs replacing.

We replace batteries at competative prices so you can get the best deal to extend the life 

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Please fill out this form to complete an enquiry on gadget repairs, we will get back to you a soon as we can.

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