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At X-Act IT, we stride to make websites that you will believe are great and suit your needs. We will go through the design process with you and get a feeling for what type of websites you like, as well as, what you want your website to be.

We want to ensure that you will be happy with your website for a long time, so we will build your website up to the current standards. We use the W3C (world wide web consortium) as reference for this as they define and upkeep web-standards to an exceptional level.
Responsive design and web devices

Responsive Designs

We will ensure that across platforms your website looks as best as can be. This means that when you open the website on a phone, the phone will have a tailored experience that complements a phones interface. But this wont effect the experience on a personal computer.

We also strive to, not only change the interface on mobile, but to give it character by adding animations and interactive parts to a page. This makes it feel like less of a chore when crawlling your webpage, and more of an experience that users will remember.

Flexible Targets

We understand that no everyone can break the bank to fund the creation of a website, if you have a set budget we can work out a deal based around that budget. And if your budget were to increase or you’d want to change the timescales, we can have a discussion about that and work things out. Were always open to talking about the needs of your website.


reliable hosting plan built for your needs


  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 50 Gb Storage
  • SSL
  • Gzip/ Brotli File Compression
  • Working Hours Customer Support


  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • 100 Gb Storage
  • SSL
  • Gzip/ Brotli File Compression
  • Working Hours Customer Support
  • Twice Daily Backups
  • Security and Software Updates

Business Email

  • Secure Business Emails
  • Anti Spam
  • SSL
  • Extra Large Mailboxes
  • Security and Software Updates
  • Working Hours Customer Support

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