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Remote Management and Monitoring

Almost all businesses in the current world will have some form of IT backbone to rely on. Having such a big part of your business change constantly with all the updates and new software can be hard to keep up with.

Many people may want to keep up with the changing world of IT and end up with gaps in their knowledge. But having IT experts on hand, even if you keep well informed, is always a bonus.

Remote management and monitoring are a cornerstone in the IT world. Having hassle-free, transparent, RMM services allows you to get on and work without interference from IT issues that pop up out of nowhere. Our RMM Software: “Naverisk” is well regarded in the IT space, and you can be sure that we offer a suitable solution for you.

Data Usage and Storage Monitoring

Our 24/7 automated monitoring solution will help us identify issues before failure, such as a faulty hard drive or temperature creep from overheating machines. Not only does our software identify physical issues, it also monitors the software on the machine for processes that are potentially unwanted or even harmful. This helps us stay ahead of the game and keep your company running smoothly.

Remote Access

Our Remote access software: “SplashTop” gives us the opportunity to aid in more involved technical issues, from anywhere at any time! There have been worries in the past about the security of remote access software, however our software is fast, seamless and secure.

Custom Tasks

We understand that every business is different – even within the same field – so we can create a custom solution for you. We script, run and track maintenance or routine tasks specific to your business needs. All you need to do is just ask.

Update and Patch Management

Updates can kill the most productive of days, locking you out of your machine for upwards of an hour or even more! We handle the deployment and updates of your operating systems and software to ensure that your systems are up to date. Also, if an update inhibits your ability to do work due to a bug, we can roll back the update to ensure you can work till a more suitable update comes out.


As any good business knows, reports are essential. Reports can assist in making proactive decisions in trends that tend to only show up over time. We can deliver a wide range of comprehensive reports to any degree of exactness and within any time frame.

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